Pneumatic cylinders

Besides the hydraulic cylinders, Promgidroprivod Ltd develops different types of pneumatic cylinders basing on the technical assignments of the customers.
We have coped with the development and manufacture of the pneumatic cylinders for the indicated below technical data:
• Piston diameter: up to 1000 mm;
• Piston working stroke: up to 1000 mm;

We develop as well the pneumatic cylinders furnished with the braking chambers designated to adjust the starting and finishing speeds of the movement.
The main customers of these products are metallurgical enterprises  ( for the scale cars  in blast furnaces ).
The example of the pneumatic cylinders supplied:
• Pnematic cylinders for the boxes lifting : for “The Dzerzhinsky metallurgical enterprise”
The warranty for the whole production range, as well as for the rehibilitated equipment,  is 12 months.
We carry out guaranteed and afterguarantee services and overhaul of the equipment if required after the warranty term of operation passed .
Our specialists carry out adjustment works, if required.
We offer the service of the foreign manufacturers equipment  during its quaranteed and post quarantee terms.
The principal position  of Promgidroprivod Ltd is to supply the equipment only upon performing of the inlet control at the test rigs of the enterprise. ( Picture 21).