Hydraulic cylinders

Promgidroprivod Ltd develops most different types of hydraulic cylinders , telescopic including.
Technical data  of hydraulic cylinders ( piston working stroke, piston diameter, working pressure) are set forth below:
• Piston diameter: 32mm up to 320 mm;
• Piston working stroke: up to 3000 mm;
• Pressure rate: up to 63 Mpa
Design modifications: plunger and piston; Special cylinders development has been coped with.
Hydraulic cylinders, operating in convertor workshops for slide gates , are furnished with special housings  for air cooling.
Hydraulic cylinders are developed on the base of customers′  Technical  Assignment and according to the samples, taking into considerations the customers′  advices. 
Coke & Chemical enterprises , metallurgical enterprises and  others are the customers of hydraulic cylinders.
Herinafter you will find the examples of the supplied hydraulic cylinders:
• Hydraulic cylinders of coke guiding bath, hydraulic cylinders of door  taking off device at turning, hydraulic cylinders of doors tearing off , made for “Alchevsk Coke enterprise”.
• Tension  trolleys hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders for  pushing in, hydraulic cylinders of levelling device, returning back hydraulic cylinders for “Dneprodzerzhinsk metallurgical enterprise” .
•  KDP harvester hydraulic cylinders for “Marganets mining – enrichment enterprise.