Overhaul and modernising

Promgidroprivod Ltd  management pays much attention  to new repair technologies application, as well as to enlarging the list of products proposed.
Promgidroprivod Ltd performs overhauls and updating of the foreign- made and home-made equipment, hydraulic pumps and motors including.
The warranty of the repaired equipment ( under the conditions of meeting the  rules of operation) is 1 year.
We perform the quarantee, afterquarantee and service maintenance.

The List of repair services proposed by Promgidroprivod Ltd is set forth below: 
• Pumps and hydraulic motors , hydraulic equipment of different types; hydraulic cylinders, pumps and motors of the following manufacturers: “ Shakhtinsky enterprise “Hydraulic drives”, Kharkov enterprise Hydraulic drives”, “Hydraulic automation”, Gomel in Byelorussia, “Ludinovsky power units enterprise” (Pictures 10,11)
• Repair of hydraulic equipment of “Rexroth”, “Vickers”, “Staffa”, “Hydromatic” etc.
• Repair of hydraulic equipment of baling and briquetting presses  as a whole and of their separate parts, as well as updating of these drives. (Picture 12).
Promgidroprivod Ltd performs hydraulic equipment change , making use of the the store facilities.
Promgidroprivod performs fast and qualified repairs of the hydraulic equipment at his own premises and at the premises of the customer.
Promgidroprivod Ltd enterprise possesses all materian and technical facilities to carry out diagnostics of the hydraulic equipment at his own premises.