Engineeering and manufacture of hydraulic equipment is a process of development, requiring the deep professional abilities and special knowledge. The market challanges are met by Engineering and Design Department ( Pictures 7,9).

Proper development of design documentation, volumetric modelling, testing, complete sets of high quality – all listed above allows us to declare , that the quality of development and manufacture of hydraulic equipment corresponds to the highest standards of the leaders of world manufacturers. And more over, the prices for our technical solutions and equipment  (valves, hydraulic power units) are moderate and more acceptable and attractive , than the prices of the similar  equipment of the  foreign origin.
Our enterprise starts the engineering and manufacture process from the stage of development of the Technical  Proposal for the Customer.
Please, note, at the hydraulic power and oil units production, updating of the hydraulic equipment at the customer′s request our specialists could make use of the units of Russian and Byelorussian origin. ( Picture 8)
In such case we make full inlet control of the a.m. equipment at the certified test rigs.
Promgidroprivod Ltd develops  the whole set of engineering and technical documentation for the manufactured equipment and can supply the design documentation   to a special order. The conditions of its supply and development ( correspondence to the standards, data form ) are discussed with the company representatives.
We perform the expert evaluation of the hydraulic systems technical condition.
We develop and manufacture different fully completed special industrial hydraulic  equipment in accordance with Technical assignment – of the Customer.