Production facilities

The production facilities, test rigs, highly qualified engineering staff  of 40 years experince in hydraulics – with all this at the disposal , Promgidroprivod Ltd covers the following scopes on the markets of Ukraine and CIS:

• Development of hydraulic equipment for different industry branches: hydraulic power units, hydraulic cylinders (telescopic including) and pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic panels, hydraulic valves sets, pumping units, hydraulic valves, heat exchanges etc. ;  In accordance with the technical specification and drawings of the customer Promgidroprivod Ltd is able to perform import origin equipment change for the home-made one, rehibilitation of hydraulic drives , pumps etc.  (Pictures. 4,5);
• Manufacture of : hydraulic power units, heat exchanges, hydraulic cylinders (telescopic including) and pneumatic cylinders, check valves and relief valves for atomic power plants , manufacture of hydraulic equipment according to the customer′s and own drawings.
• Overhaul and Updating of the former used equipment ( pumps, motors of  the following below enterprises make: “Shakhtinsky enterprise “Hydraulic drives”,  “Kharkiv enterprise “Hydraulic drives”, “Hydraulic automatics”, Gomel,  “Ludinovsky enterprise” ;  hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, hydraulic presses etc.), as well as hydraulic equipment change , making use of store facilities;
• Foreign-make hydraulic equipment repair: “Rexroth”, “Vickers”, “Staffa”, “Hydraumatic” etc.