PROMGIDROPRIVOD Ltd is one of the leaders in Ukraine, focusing on manufacture of a special hydraulic equipment .

The enterprise has been founded as a branch of “ The All-Union Institute of Hydraulic Drives –“VNIIGIDROPRIVOD”

 The production development has been reached step-by-step, using own funds, and not attracting the investors. As a result the enterprise is absolutely independent.

At present PROMGIDROPRIVOD Ltd  possesses the production and warehouse premises, covering 2500 m2 (Picture 2).

The specialists are aimed at the establishment and development of the enterprise.   

 The team of specialists of high qualification is experienced greatly in the development, design and implementation of hydraulic systems as well as in operation and service of hydraulic equipment in production conditions. They would meet your problems, don′t hesitate to apply to them!

The flexible production cycle at Promgidroprivod Ltd allows to  respond promptly to the challenges of the market.

It allows as well  to produce the products of high quality , meeting the high standard requirements of the customers.

In 2008 a new project was started : the arrangement of own production of fluid power control valves and hydraulic valves.

The first prototypes or specimens have been forwarded to the big enterprises of Ukraine. Upon the tests the enterprises  positively valued the products and started to procure the hydraulic fluid power control valves of a new generation.

All the products undergo the tests on the certified test rigs for the extreme loads, for the   operating mean –time- between- failures and for the full failure. The product is considered to be rejected provided it fails to meet GOST  or standards of the enterprise requirements. Every product undergoes acceptance tests .  The outward appearance, dimensions, weight, operation abilities, strength and sealing characteristics are being duely and carefully checked. All the test data are recorded in a product passport.

HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT OF PROMGIDROPRIVOD Ltd make is applied in machine building industry, in metallurgy, coke & chemical industries, coal industry. ( see Pictures 1, 3-6, 8,9,12-15, 18-20)

PROMGIDROPRIVOD Ltd to-day is an active developing company on the market of hydraulics in UKRAINE.